And here we go, folks! Today, at the table we have 6 hands of action lined up for the 4 contestants to battle it out.

In the first round Siddesh and Adwaith pair up to take on Chris and Arnold. Some new strategy at the line, Chris and Arnold are experimenting with the Precision bidding system. They bid it up to 3 diamonds, and make it just perfectly.

The second round is on, we now have Chris and Siddesh taking on Adwaith and Arnold. Arnold opens 1 diamonds, and with zero support from his partner, everyone passes out. The play starts, and there’s a fumble on the last diamond, as Arnold underplays an 8 of diamonds, to Siddesh’s 9, but still makes with the possibility of going up 1.

Arnold and Adwaith against Siddesh and Chris

It is round 3 and things are starting to get intense, folks! In South, Adwaith opens 1 hearts, Arnold follows with a 1 spade overbid. In North, Chris continues with 2 diamonds, and no support from Siddesh for Arnold’s spades. Adwaith is adamant on his hearts and Chris brings it up to 3. Adwaith passes on the chance for game. This round with much partnership, Adwaith and Chris play a perfect game making 1 over, and putting Chris in the lead.

Round 4, Chris and Arnold are back together and with certain ambition they make it all the way to 4 hearts and bid game. Here we have it folks, the game to put Chris and Arnold firmly on top. Arnold plays, the first 9 tricks go perfectly, 7 for Chris-Arnold and 2 for Siddesh-Adwaith. Arnold tells Chris to play the 10 of hearts and Siddesh slips in the Q of hearts. Without paying attention Arnold continues with the J. A rookie mistake and Arnold blunders one trick away. Siddesh follows with the J of diamonds, and Arnold misremembering diamonds, decides to Trump and the originally winning Queen of Diamonds in the dummy hand is wasted. The slip is unbelievable as Arnold takes a +1 game down 2. Adwaith is now in the lead.

The games are intense, and here we have it folks these last 2 games take it to the final bit, Arnold opens once again, and again without support from his partner while Chris and Siddesh take it to 2 Hearts. Siddesh finally gets to play as the declarer and takes an easy +1 for his efforts, giving Chris back the lead and bumping Siddesh up to 3rd.

This is the last round, we need some major hands for there to be a comeback from Arnold and Siddesh who are facing Chris and Adwaith. Adwaith opens this time with a pass, Arnold finally out of luck also passes and Chris immediately jumps to 2 No Trumps. Siddesh without the strength to counter the high bid passes, and Adwaith passes. With a strong hand, Chris just makes the 2 No Trump bid, and holds on to the first place spot.

At the end of all the action the scoreboards tally up to giving Chris an easy win, with Adwaith in close second. Congratulations to Chris the first Bridge Club Champion!


13 ♦️ =110110
21 ♦️ =7070
33 ♥️ +1170170
44 ♥️ -2100100
52 ♥️ +1140140
62 NT =120120