Tough day for Chris and Siddesh. They lost every hand, and the first 4 hands were all lost. The first hand, Adwaith and I went 2 diamonds, I was leaning on being more conservative to start, as I wasn’t sure how Adwaith would bid. I had a relatively weak hand in the 2nd one, so I let Adwaith do all the work. The third hand, we 3NT seemed like a slight stretch with 28 HCP, but it turns out our weird card shape came to advantage and we would actually make 6NT small slam. I had another terrible hand on the 4th one, so Adwaith was able to just barely squeeze 2 hearts.

Table 1

Here is where things finally seem to go uphill for Chris and Siddesh. Together with a total of 11 spades and 25+ HCP they go for 4 spades, a reasonable bid. I had 9 HCP in my hand, decided to double, which was actually very risky and just got lucky in this case. In my hand I had the Ace of Diamonds, and the Ace and King of Clubs. Although Chris had 7 spades, he still had exactly 1 diamond and 2 clubs, and Adwaith had the Ace of spades, so Chris couldn’t do anything as those 4 cards were all losers and went down 1. If Chris had 1 less club, which was pretty likely my double would backfire.

The last hand, they had plenty of high card points, but length in Diamonds, once again at this point it was Go Big or Go Home, so they went to 5 diamonds, bidding game. Sadly they would again fail to make it just barely. Terrible day for the pair Chris and Siddesh, next week we will try to do Rubber Bridge properly and have the partnerships rotate. Below are the bids and scores:

North: Chris
South: Siddesh
East: Arnold
West: Adwaith

DealContractByOpening LeadMadeScore
12 DiamondsE5 of Spades+3150
22 DiamondsW7 of Clubs=90
33 No TrumpEAce of Diamonds+3690
42 HeartsWAce of Diamonds=110
54 Spades - DoubledNAce of Diamonds-1-100
65 DiamondsS2 of Clubs-1-50

Final Scores:

DealAdwaith, ArnoldSiddesh, Chris

Clearly I still haven’t learned to use the scoring pad, we will try and play a real rubber bridge kind of tournament next week: Bad scoring