First Tournament Ranking

The first tournament of the Westview Bridge club was an online Funbridge tournament where Arnold and I played as partners against other players. The tournament was 6 deals long, where we played two deals each against 3 different pairs. We would get a percentage score for each deal we played and then our average deal out of the 6 would determine our overall place in the tournament. Our first two deals went well, we got 33% and 75% averaging above 50%, so a good score to start the tournament. Our next two deals didn’t go as well, but we did well enough to stay in the game. On the last two deals, however, we made a big comeback, our best deal even reaching 93%! In this deal, we won the contract playing in 2 no trump and were able to just make our contract by taking out the opponent’s hearts, and stealing an extra trick with the 6 of hearts when our opponents hearts were gone. This gave us more tricks in no trump than everyone else in the tournament. This was enough to catapult our pair to 7th place out of 25, a good result for our first tournament (our usernames are 3990 and RCTID_15). Overall this was a successful first tournament for the bridge club and gave a good experience.