Over the nice winter break, Arthur and I went to the local Portland Bridge club and played 2 officially ranked tournaments. They were a lot of fun and we met a lot of new people, but we ranked last in both of them.

On Wednesday we were put in the Open section, so with all the experts and that was very tough, there were a few mistakes in bidding and playing here and there, but the primary highlights were the doubling of the opposing 6NT and them making it and so we were thoroughly punished.

The Friday games went much better to begin with it felt, we were doing pretty solid till the last 2 tables B4 & B5 when bidding started to go horribly wrong, as 2 clubs was misinterpreted with being a strong hand, yet Arthur kept underbidding it, or bidding it with a weak hand. Without that mess, we would have ranked slightly higher, but it is what it is. Next time we will do better.

If you are interested in the specific details of the hands and scores, they are linked here: Wednesday Open Pairs and Friday 1000 Pairs. You will have to click through to the tournament pairs, and click on our names to see hand diagrams and scorecards.