Fun Bridge Meeting Photo

Today, we had an unusual Wednesday meeting(due to Monday being a no-school day) where only 4 people showed up. As we were setting up a game with me(Siddesh) and Arnold paired up with Adwaith and Jerry respectively. Then…


Owen Playing Bridge for the first time

Owen is a completely new bridge player. Owen and Jerry won the contract, the betting was first started by Arnold who was then replaced by Owen because of this Jerry became the dummy. The game was now between Me(3rd time playing bridge) and Adwaith (2nd time playing bridge) vs Jerry(2nd time playing) and Owen(1st time playing) with Arnold on the side lines giving some hints. As Owen quickly picked up the game(except for bidding) he and Jerry managed to win the game.
Owen after winning his first game decided to stop playing bridge, maintaining a perfect win rate. He made the comment on the ranked top bridge player in the club “Chris Willard probably sucks at bridge write that down in the blog” as a joke.

After Arnold and Owen left the club a bit early and there being not enough players Siddesh, Jerry and Adwaith played exploding kittens.(JERRY WON).

Lifetime Stats:
BRIDGE Win rate percentages:
Siddesh: 45%
Adwaith: 67%
Jerry: 70%
Owen 100%

Exploding Kittens Win rate percentages:
Siddesh: 0%
Adwaith: 0%
Jerry: ?????