2 Full tables Today, with the addition of a new member Adwaith and Meet coming back from chess club, we had 8 to start. Chris gave Adwaith and Meet a quick crash course on how to play the game of Bridge, while I set things up for duplicate Bridge. Then with the weather, Lohit’s tennis got cancelled and we had an extra players, which was perfect, as it would be hard for me to organize and play at the same time.

Table 1 On the other side, the table of 4 played 2 practice rounds, before we got card boxes set up. We had Rehaan and Siddesh pair with Virinchi and Kishore respectively as both Virinchi and Kishore were more veteran players.

After settings everything up we split the teams pretty evenly based on playing strength, with pairs Chris, Adwaith and Kishore, Siddesh vs Meet, Lohit and Virinchi, Rehaan. The team’s were pretty evenly split, and it was hard to say who was going to win, as Rehaan and Lohit picked up the game pretty quickly over the last 2 meetings, but Chris was the veteran.

Chris and Adwaith In the first deal, Rehaan and Virinchi underbid a 3 spades, making it +1, and Chris and Adwaith successfully bid game and made in the same hand, so Rehaan and Virinchi’s team were down a lot of points.

Virinchi and Rehaan However, with Chris’s excited nature, he overbids the next hand to game, and at the same time misplays it, going down 3 tricks. On the other hand, Rehaan and Virinchi’s cautious nature pays off and they make their 2 of spades contract +1, in the end slightly putting the overall point balance in their favor, giving their team the win.

It was quite interesting how both hands had an emphasis on spades, and the same person ended with the strongest hand. Hopefully next time we will get to play more hands.

Congratualations to the team Rehaan, Virinchi, Lohit and Meet for edging out the win today!


DealN/S PairE/W PairContractByMadeScore
1Rehaan, VirinchiSiddesh, Kishore3 SpadesN+1170
1Chris, AdwaithLohit, Meet4 SpadesN+1450
2Chris, AdwaithLohit, meet4 SpadesN-3-150
2Rehaan, VirinchiSiddesh, Kishore2 SpadesN+1140

Points(negative points will be added to the opposing sides point total):

DealChris, Adwaith, Siddesh, KishoreRehaan, Virinchi, Lohit, Meet