Table 1 Today in bridge club we were able to play a few rounds of bridge with me (Chris) paired with Siddesh and Virinchi paired with Kishore. Today we were focusing on learning basic first bids in the SAYC convention and basic responses to your partner bidding. As we played we ran into several situations that required the basic bidding knowledge and today we learned a lot about how to bid at the beginning of the bidding phase. We were able to complete four rounds so each of us had a chance to be the dealer and bid first. Overall the bidding was improved throughout the day and while the first two contracts went down by one, the next two were made showing good bidding. Today was a successful meeting and helped prepare us for a duplicate bridge game we hope to play next week.

Table 2 At table 2 we had a new member Rehaan today, so I taught Rehaan, first playing the bidding. Rehaan picked up the game quickly and then Lohit came. We played a deal with 3 people, then Lakshman came and we played 2 more awesome deals with 4 people and had a lot of fun. Next meeting we will hopefully start with 8 people and play duplicate bridge, but overall, this is a wonderful bridge meeting and we were able to have a lot of fun and get a lot done.