After coming back to school from a nice Spring break, many had gone for outdoor school volunteering. So we had a few stragglers today in the club, 3 to start and Jerry comes in after tennis practice was cancelled.

We played a few games online before. Afterwards we had Jerry on board and decided to try our hand in a game of Rubber bridge. Well less to say we played 4 hands. The first 2, Chris gets amazing hands, and immediately takes the rubber with the beautiful 700 point 2-game bonus. After 2 rounds of 3NT from Chris, Virinchi and Arnold finally get a playable hand, making a nice 4 clubs, only to be countered be 3 spades from Chris and Jerry.

Well the score need not be mentioned too much Chris and Jerry with all the bonuses win an easy 1050 points against 80, and Chris’s golden hands and winning streak continues for a 4th meeting.