At the bridge table today, we have Barbara partnered with Arnold and Elizabeth, with the help of Chris partnered with Siddesh. Barbara is an expert in the game, while this is Elizabeth’s first time playing.

Playing Bridge

Chris was there to help Elizabeth get caught with the rules of playing Bridge, as we played many fun deals today. The highlight came in the 3rd to last deal, when Elizabeth and Siddesh had an absolutely wonderful hand together with all 4 aces and 2 of the kings, but great card shape for No trump. While bidding, they were taking a while thinking about bids, as going from 3 no trump in game to 4 no trump asking for aces is a huge jump and a risky decision.

I had to use the restroom in between so I jokingly said, “I pass everything, unless 7 no trump, then I will double” as I actually had 6 HCPs, and 1 king, and thought that there is no way they would make it up all the way to 7NT.

Playing Bridge When I got back they had communicated their weird shaped hands and kings and aces. After a few minutes of pondering, Siddesh finally decided to stop at 6 NT, with Elizabeth being the declarer. Elizabeth ended up playing the hand perfectly and making 7 NT and Siddesh went on complaining that he was scared to 7NT, because of the joking comment I made.
If they had bid 7NT, and I doubled, and they redoubled, then this would be the biggest point total that one could get in a making contract.

At the end of the day everybody had a wonderful time learning, teaching and playing the game of bridge, we hope to be back soon to learn more from the experts and have fun.

Playing Bridge Barbara’s dog taking a nap