In today’s round up we have 3 pairs, Siddesh and Virinchi, Chris and Kishore, Adwaith and Arnold, to play 2 hands against each other.

Starting off Chris and Kishore defend a 2NT bid expertly making 8 tricks themselves, a good start to the tournament. Following this, Siddesh and Virinchi make 3 diamonds and in the first Matchup, we have Chris and Kishore with a lead in first.

In the second matchup Siddesh and Virinchi make the 2NT hand against Adwaith and Arnold, and make them go down 1 in 1 NT, giving the back the lead.

In the third matchup, Adwaith and Arnold’s biggest chance was fumbled by improper bidding, playing diamonds instead of spades, going down 2. In the last hand, Chris and Kishore get great hands, and the only chance today for a hand to make game. They however underbid only going 2 spades, but still make 10 tricks, giving them a solid first place win.

The final scores:

DealResultSiddesh, VirinchiChris, KishoreAdwaith, Arnold